Ørbæk Køleteknik – Nordic Climate Group strengthens its position in Denmark

15 Nov 2023

Nordic Climate Group is further expanding its presence in Denmark through the acquisition of Ørbæk Køleteknik in Hvidovre. This company is the first within the group to be based in Zealand and lays the foundation for continued expansion in the Copenhagen area. With this transaction, Nordic Climate Group solidifies its position as Denmark's largest refrigeration installation company and the leading installer of refrigeration, heating, and energy solutions in the Nordic region. Nordic Climate Group was established in 2021 and, following the acquisition of Ørbæk Køleteknik, it has an annual turnover of 3.5 billion SEK and over 1,200 employees across more than 70 local establishments in the Nordics. The Danish operation, through this acquisition, now has 120 employees and an annual turnover of approximately 250 million DKK.

Ørbæk Køleteknik offers sales, service, and maintenance of cooling systems for retail, shops and light industry in Copenhagen and Zealand. The company has 25 employees.

"We are proud of Nordic Climate Group's interest in our company and look forward to continuing our development in energy-efficient refrigeration systems, an area in which Ørbæk Køleteknik has made significant progress. The foundation lies in the technical expertise, positive attitude, and excellent work of our employees. We look forward to positioning ourselves even stronger in the market with Nordic Climate Group and to continue offering excellent service to our customers, always with a strong focus on optimized operational economics and reduced environmental impact," says Nicolaj Ørbæk, CEO of Ørbæk Køleteknik.

The foundation of Nordic Climate Group's operations is a strong local market presence. This means that Ørbæk Køleteknik, like other companies within the group, will continue to work under its local brand, previous owners will retain their roles, and current operations, including existing customer commitments, will be a priority.

"The acquisition of Ørbæk Køleteknik complements Nordic Climate Group's other activities in the grocery retail and light industry sectors very well. Ørbæk Køleteknik has also built up significant expertise in natural refrigerants, with a particular focus on CO2, which has been of special interest to us in our discussions," says Fredrik Gren, CEO of Nordic Climate Group.

Nordic Climate Group's focus is to help its customers minimize their environmental footprint and maximize energy efficiency. The plan is to continue building a leading company in Northern Europe with strong organic growth as well as through additional acquisitions. The model is based on entrepreneurship, decentralized business units with collaboration in business and procurement, employee training, and the sharing of technical knowledge.


About Nordic Climate Group

Nordic Climate Group is a leader in cooling, heating, and energy-efficient installations. We aim to be the pacesetter for sustainable climate-control solutions. We take total responsibility, from concept and project planning, delivery, and installation to maintenance and service. The group was established in 2021 and now has more than 1,200 employees working in more than 70 locations. Nordic Climate Group is owned by a broad consortium of entrepreneurs and employees together with Altor Fund V.

In Denmark, Nordic Climate Group comprises 7 entities: SA-Al Køleteknik Aps, PVN Køleteknik A/S, Buus Køleteknik A/S, Buus Ice A/S, Nordkøl ApS, J.F. Køleteknik, and Ørbæk Køleteknik ApS.


About Ørbæk Køleteknik:

Ørbæk Køleteknik was established in 2007 by Nicolaj Ørbæk. In 2021, the ownership circle was expanded to include Jonas Phillipsen.


For more information, please contact:

Fredrik Gren, CEO, Nordic Climate Group


Tel: +46 705 116499

Nicolaj Ørbæk, CEO, Ørbæk Køleteknik.


Tel: +45 3024 5555