We are Nordic Climate Group

We offer services for cooling, heating and energy efficient installations with the objective of being a self-evident role model in sustainable climate solutions. We take overall responsibility – from idea, design, installation and delivery, through to maintenance and service.

Hötorgshusen - Vasakronan

Labkyl and their climate-smart DLE concept have reduced energy costs by 78% and environmental savings of 400,000 kg/year CO2-equivalents.

Greenfood´s logistics center

SLS delivers a climate-neutral system to the Greenfood logistics center with ammonia as the refrigerant. This will result in a heat recovery of more than 11,000,000 kWh per year.

Climate-neutral cooling for a new restaurant kitchen

Polo Kylteknik installed the kitchen's refrigeration system along with a climate-neutral and energy-efficient CO2 unit with a heat recovery module for preheating tap water.

Municipality saves energy with heat recovery

Labkyl delivers highly efficient heat recovery from a CO₂ refrigeration machine that generates heat and hot water for an ice rink, a full-sized sports hall, and a soccer field for winter use. The result is a savings of 250,000 kWh per year.

Environmentally friendly restaurant cooling

Kylgruppen installs climate-neutral and energy-efficient cooling for two restaurant kitchens and recovers heat for the building's garage, using CO₂ as a refrigerant.

Spa hotel saves millions each year with Labkyl's energy solution

Labkyl has installed the climate-smart DLE heat pump at the Swedish spa hotel Yasuragi, reducing oil consumption by 95% and energy costs by approximately SEK 3,300,000 per year. The environmental gain is a reduction of 807,000 kilograms of CO₂ equivalents.

Grocery store saves 700,000 kWh with heat recovery

City Gross installs energy-efficient and climate-neutral CO₂ refrigeration systems, estimated to save as much energy as 35 standard homes consume in a year. Simultaneously, the store's emissions of harmful greenhouse gases are minimized.

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Nordic Climate Group consists of leading refrigeration technology companies in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark with the joint aim of being a self-evident role model for sustainable climate solutions.

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Nordic Climate Group launched in the Netherlands
01 Jul 2024

Nordic Climate Group launched in the Netherlands

Nordic Climate Group is establishing itself in the Netherlands by acquiring Compair Airconditioning B.V., Capelle aan den IJssel, and T&S Klimaattechniek B.V., Woerden. These acquisitions are the first in the fifth market where Nordic Climate Group operates. Since its start in 2021, the group has grown to become the leading player in refrigeration installations focusing on energy efficiency and sustainability in Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. With the Dutch acquisitions, Nordic Climate Group becomes a significant player in northern Europe and intends to further strengthen its position by incorporating more companies.

Stockholm-based Frigotech joins Nordic Climate Group
19 Jun 2024

Stockholm-based Frigotech joins Nordic Climate Group

Nordic Climate Group strengthens its position in Greater Stockholm through the acquisition of Frigotech, which focuses on commercial refrigeration. Frigotech has solid experience with CO2 solutions and will be a significant addition to the group, which is the Nordic region's leading player in energy-efficient and sustainable climate solutions.

Nordic Climate Group acquires Reftec in Trondheim
30 May 2024

Nordic Climate Group acquires Reftec in Trondheim

Nordic Climate Group is expanding in Norway by acquiring Reftec AS, headquartered in Trondheim. The acquisition also includes the subsidiary Rana Kulde, Mo i Rana.

For a better climate, we make a difference

For a better climate, we make a difference

“For a better climate” is our promise to the market, to our customers, to our employees and to the outside world. By being committed and willing to get things done in Nordic Climate Group, we make a difference.

Run your business without unnecessary interruptions

Run your business without unnecessary interruptions

Our strong commitment and smart technical energy solutions are driving industry developments and thus contributing to a green transition and a sustainable climate – tomorrow as well.

Big when it’s needed, small when it’s needed

Big when it’s needed, small when it’s needed

The foundation of the network is a strong local market position. Therefore, the companies that are part of Nordic Climate Group will always keep their local company names and will only link into the group’s shared graphic identity.

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