About us

Nordic Climate Group consists of leading refrigeration technology companies in Sweden and Norway with the joint aim of being a self-evident role model for sustainable climate solutions.

For a better climate

“For a better climate” is our promise to the market, to our customers, to our employees and to the outside world. By being committed and willing to get things done in Nordic Climate Group, we make a difference.

Sustainable climate solutions are our shared ambition, which helps us to make decisions both big and small; this is the driving force that empowers us to do that little bit more for you and your business. To achieve this and keep that promise, we combine our technical know-how and commitment to constantly develop new and better solutions in our business areas. 

We enable you to run your business without unnecessary interruptions.

Our strong commitment and smart technical energy solutions are driving industry developments and thus contributing to a green transition and a sustainable climate – tomorrow as well.

Big when it’s required, small when it’s needed

The foundation of the network is a strong local market position. Therefore, the companies that are part of Nordic Climate Group will always keep their local company names and will only link into the group’s shared graphic identity. 

In total, we have more than 1200 employees in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark and we stand together as a group. We are still the same committed local entrepreneurs with a passion for helping you with energy efficiency, cooling, heating and service. You can expect a leading-edge network with a deep understanding of your business and your needs.

Nordic Climate Group AB is the parent company that develops and promotes the Nordic Climate Group brand. The owners of Nordic Climate Group include employees and Altor