Environmentally Friendly Restaurant Cooling for Sthlm New

01 Mar 2021

With high demands on sustainability, functionality, and quality, CO₂ (carbon dioxide) as a refrigerant was a natural choice for Kylgruppen.

When Skanska built Stockholm's new "landmark," Sthlm New, Kylgruppen was responsible for the installation of CO₂ refrigeration systems as well as control and regulation for two full-scale restaurant kitchens.

Sthlm New, located in Hammarby Sjöstad, consists of two buildings, each with its own restaurant. In the lower building (House 4), there is the Fazer lunch restaurant, which is also open to the public. 28 floors up in the tall building (House 1) is the Sjöstaden Skybar.

For both restaurants, Kylgruppen installed climate-neutral and energy-efficient cooling that serves the restaurants' refrigeration and freezer rooms, refrigerators, cooling benches, and more. The heat recovery from Fazer's CO₂ unit is used for the building's garage.

CO₂ (carbon dioxide) is a natural refrigerant that is, among other sources, recycled from biogas production and has no impact on the greenhouse effect.

The project started in 2020 and was completed in early 2021.


"Kylgruppen was experienced, competent, and cooperative. If a problem arose, they solved it immediately. I would gladly work with them again," says Lars Thöyrä, installation coordinator at Skanska Sverige, Stockholm South.


"It worked very well to collaborate with Skanska. A professional client with order and organization. We had good communication throughout, and the projects proceeded according to plan," says Rickard Fällman, project manager at Kylgruppen.