Vasakronan achieves major energy consumption in Sergelhusen

26 Jul 2023

Sergelgatan was Sweden's first pedestrian street when it was built in 1959 and is part of the major redevelopment project carried out by Vasakronan in Stockholm City. Vasakronan's section of Sergelgatan consists of four high-rise office buildings and the low-rise commercial buildings along the pedestrian street.

Labkyl was tasked with installing four of the most powerful DLE heat pumps to date. Together, they have a capacity of two megawatts and will cover the energy needs of Sergelgatan's properties. This is the third recent project in which Vasakronan has chosen to use the new DLE technology. Similar orders have been placed for the large office properties Kv. Nöten 3 and 5 in Solna.

The purchased energy is reduced by 78%, equivalent to 8,600,000 kWh/year. The cost savings are estimated to be approximately SEK 9-12 million per year, depending on energy prices. At the same time, carbon dioxide emissions decrease by 400,000 kilograms per year.

"It is forward-thinking of our client to choose to build such an energy facility in the middle of Stockholm. The energy solution is entirely environmentally friendly and utilizes sustainable DLE technology. We assist our client with the strategy regarding the energy flows of the Sergel houses. In this project, we work with consultants from Ferax Installationsprojekt AB who recognize all the advantages of DLE technology," says Patrik Larsson, CEO of Labkyl.

DLE – Delta Lift Energy is a sustainable, energy-efficient, and cost-effective solution.

"When we studied the solution with carbon dioxide as part of the DLE concept, we saw many benefits that offer fantastic opportunities. DLE technology outperforms a traditional HFO solution. We achieve improved efficiency while the solution is climate-neutral. This is the future; we address the entire issue of refrigerants without sacrificing efficiency," says Mats Helander at Ferax Installationsprojekt AB.

The DLE concept, with its natural refrigerants and high efficiency, is an innovative solution for creating environmentally friendly heating, cooling, or comfort cooling. The technology allows us to use natural refrigerants without limitation, meaning the heating system can deliver very high temperatures while achieving a high heat recovery rate, for example, to produce hot water," says Johan Revholm at SEC Projekt AB.