Buus and Nordkøl take Nordic Climate Group from two to four companies in Denmark

14 Sep 2023

Buus and Nordkøl take Nordic Climate Group from two to four companies in Denmark  


Nordic Climate Group is increasing its presence in Denmark through the acquisition of Buus Køleteknik and Nordkøl. The additions complement the previous acquisitions of SA-AL Køleteknik and PVN Køleteknik and bolster Nordic Climate Group’s position in Denmark. The group is the leading installer of cooling, heating, and energy solutions in the Nordic region. The two new member companies will expand customer offerings to include the maritime cooling and industrial ice equipment segments. Established in 2021, Nordic Climate Group’s annual turnover after the acquisitions is SEK 3.5 billion, with approximately 1,200 employees working from more than 70 Nordic businesses. 

Since 2017, Buus Køleteknik and Nordkøl have had shared ownership. Joining Nordic Climate Group means the firms can cooperate with group companies in both Denmark and other countries. Buus Køleteknik has a significant export market, while Nordkøl focuses more on local service. Together the companies employ 20 people and have a turnover of DKK 40 million. Their respective offices in Nykøbing Mors and Hanstholm put Nordic Climate Group in six locations in Denmark.  

“For many years, we’ve developed an international market in maritime cooling and industrial ice machines. Now we are embarking on continued expansion. Together with Nordic Climate Group, we’ll have completely new opportunities. We already cooperate with a Norwegian sister company, PTG, and we can enhance that partnership. The expertise that we’ve built up is something we want to share with the group companies in the Nordic region. The knowledge exchange is especially important when focus is increasing on energy efficiency and a reduced climate footprint,” says Frank Olesen, CEO of Buus Køleteknik. 

“Service is the key to stable customer relationships, and we’ve worked hard on this aspect. We’ve given it priority, irrespective of whether the company is a local shop or a ship visiting a port. Thanks to our very skilled colleagues here and at Buus, we’ve been able to build a strong market position in northwest Jylland. It will be very exciting to become part of Nordic Climate Group. We particularly appreciate their strategy of working from local companies’ existing operations,” notes Rudi Weje, CEO of Nordkøl. 

A strong presence in local markets is the foundation of Nordic Climate Group’s operations. Just as with our other companies in the group, Buus Køleteknik, its subsidiary Buus ICE, and Nordkøl can continue development of their local brand. The previous owners will retain their original roles and the company’s operations – including customer projects – will have priority.  

“As we continue to expand in Denmark, we now have international cooperation as a vital piece of the puzzle. The focus of the new members on maritime cooling means that we can reach a market with customers in even more countries than we’ve worked with before. At the same time, we’re maintaining a strong local presence that broadens our opportunities in Denmark. The business and market combination we’ll achieve through Buus Køleteknik and Nordkøl is very interesting,” explains Fredrik Gren, CEO of Nordic Climate Group.  

Nordic Climate Group focuses on helping its customers minimize their climate footprint and maximize energy efficiency. The plan is to continue building a leading company in Northern Europe, with strong organic growth as well as expansion through acquisitions. The model is founded on entrepreneurial spirit, decentralized operations with cooperation in business, negotiations, and procurement, effective training, and sharing of technological know-how.  



For more information, please contact: 

Fredrik Gren, CEO, Nordic Climate Group fredrik.gren@nordicclimategroup.se 

Tel: +46 705 11 64 99 

Frank Olesen, CEO, Buus Køleteknik 


Tel: +45 97 74 40 33 


Rudi Weje, CEO, Nordkøl 


Tel: +45 25 20 93 05 


About Nordic Climate Group 

 Nordic Climate Group is a leader in cooling, heating, and energy-efficient installations. We aim to be the pacesetter for sustainable climate-control solutions. We take total responsibility, from concept and project planning, delivery, and installation to maintenance and service. The group was established in 2021 and now has more than 1,200 employees working in more than 70 locations. Nordic Climate Group is owned by a broad consortium of entrepreneurs and employees together with Altor Fund V. 


About Buus Køleteknik and Nordkøl 

Buus Køleteknik, in Nykøbing Mors, started in 1958.   

From its beginnings as a local entrepreneur, Buus has grown into an international industrial firm in the cooling segment. Ninety per cent of production is exported to countries around the globe. Its operations include Buus ICE. 

Nordkøl, in Hanstholm, was founded in 1988.  

The firm began with services for the maritime and fishing industries. Nordkøl has expanded to deliver services to grocery stores, industry, air conditioning, and cooling and freezing facilities, and the company possesses significant competence in ice machines.  

Since 2017 Buus Køleteknik and Nordkøl have been jointly owned by Frank Olesen and Rudi Weje.