MV-Jäähdytys Oy and Kylmäkeskus Sami Oy have joined forces

08 Dec 2023
Tufan Sami, CEO, Sema Isotalo, CFO.

MV-Jäähdytys Oy, Finland’s largest service and project company for cooling and professional kitchen equipment, has agreed on an acquisition with Kylmäkeskus Sami Oy. The acquisition will further strengthen the services of cooling and heating solutions in Finland.

MV-Jäähdytys Oy, which has served in Finland for more than 50 years, has concluded an acquisition agreement with Kylmäkeskus Sami Oy from Humppila on 30 November 2023. The acquisition will further strengthen the cooling and heating solutions in Finland.

“Operations of Kylmäkeskus Sami exude professionalism, will develop and grow the business, and a genuine desire to take care of its personnel and customers,” says Ilpo Mäkelä, the CEO of MV-Jäähdytys, and continues:

“In addition to the family company background, we noticed a lot of similarities in our values, which has created a very natural basis for cooperation.”

More opportunities

With the acquisition, Kylmäkeskus Sami Oy’s directors, Tufan Sami and Sema Isotalo, and the company’s 17 employees will join the MV-Jäähdytys team and continue in their current positions. With the growing resources, MV-Jäähdytys and Kylmäkeskus Sami are able to invest more heavily in the development of cooling and heating services.

“We started out as a small family business, but we have grown little by little,” says Tufan Sami, the CEO of Kylmäkeskus Sami, and continues:

“We have a very strong desire to develop and grow the company also in the future, and we have been considering a possible partner to support it for a long time. Now we have found an excellent partner with whom we share the same values.”

“Furthermore, we have similar ideas about the cooling industry and how we want to operate in the market, so we found common ground quickly,” adds CFO Sema Isotalo.

When two strong companies join forces, opportunities increase. Tufan Sami, who has been the CEO of Kylmäkeskus Sami for almost 20 years, believes that cooperation will increase know-how on both sides:

“The atmosphere of cooperation is very expectant. We anticipate that joining forces will not only result in growth, but also in fresh insights.  We want to learn, develop, and share our own expertise with MV-Jäähdytys,” Sami summarises.


Further information:

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Nordic Climate Group

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MV-Jäähdytys Oy, founded in 1971, is a service and project company specialising in cold and freezing rooms, cooling equipment, heat pumps and professional kitchen equipment. The company’s turnover is approximately €40 million. MV-Jäähdytys Oy serves nationwide with personnel of more than 300 people. MV-Jäähdytys has six service and logistics centres, and they are located in Pirkanmaa, Uusimaa, Central Finland, Southwest Finland, Päijät-Hämee and Satakunta.

MV-Jäähdytys Oy is part of Nordic Climate Group. Nordic Climate Group is the leading provider of cooling, heating and energy-efficient installations in the Nordic region. In 2022, the group’s turnover was more than €300 million, and the companies in the group employ more than 1,200 professionals.

Kylmäkeskus Sami Oy

Kylmäkeskus Sami Oy is a company based in Humppila, specialising in cooling and refrigeration equipment. The operating area of Kylmäkeskus Sami extends from Kanta-Häme to Pirkanmaa and Southwest Finland. The company's customers are companies, private customers and housing companies. Its turnover was almost €5 million in 2022.